How is the cabin tilt pump and cabin tilt cylinder tested?


To ensure the quality,every pcs of the cab tilt pump and cab tilt cylinder will be tested ex factory.

Here are some measures we should do to ensure the quality.

1. Work with good materials suppliers.To establish long and good relationship with our suppliers is very important work for us.

2. The seals are tested by our machines with millions times before we decide to work with the suppliers.Everytime the materials come,our technicians and inspectors will check the materials before put in use.

3. When in manufactoring,all the dimesions should be strictly proccessed according to specifications and each pcs should be in accordace with our standard.

4. After all materials ready,all the parts should be assembled as our requirements.

5. The cabin tilt pumps and cabin tilt cylinders will be put into sealing test.

6. After sealing test,every pcs should be tested by our reality monitor machinces with load to check pressure.

7. If all the parts are all tested and in accordance with our standard.Then we clear the oil and clean the surface and ready for painting.

8. After painting,the surface will be checked before packing.

Every piece of cabin tilt pump and cabin tilt cylinder are ensured by us working together.If you have any questions or need any details,please feel free to contact with our sales department.We are here in time.